Eltern für Kinder e.V. Staatlich anerkannte Adoptionsvermittlungsstelle
Eltern für Kinder e.V.Staatlich anerkannte Adoptionsvermittlungsstelle

Parents for Children (Eltern für Kinder) is an accredited body for the international adoption of children from the following countries: Haiti, Mongolia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Togo.

Parents for Children is a non-profit organization with the aim of taking personal care for abandoned children abroad by putting into practice the right of every child to parents as described in the Hague Conventions regarding adoption.


In order to be able to open up better chances for the future also to children for whom adoption is not necessary or possible, Parents for Children also supports several aid projects in the origin countries. These aid projects are not connected with the idea of adoption and they are all aimed at the prevention of the abandonment of children and/or at alleviating its consequences.


Parents for Children is run on a strictly voluntary basis with the exception of the staff members of the adoption placement office in Berlin.

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