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Children`s Sponsorship Programme

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Diese Kinder benötigen Ihre Hilfe

Aktuell benötigen folgende Kinder Ihre Hilfe in Form einer Patenschaft. Wenn Sie eines dieser Kinder konkret unterstützen möchten, nennen Sie uns bitte seinen Namen in dem Kontaktformular oder in der Einzugsermächtigung.


NAME: Kanyanat

Gender: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th September 2007

RELIGION: Buddhist

STUDY GRADE: 3rd Primary School



Kanyanat presently studies in the third year of primary education . The school fees and the activities at the school is about 5,000 baht a semester. She achieved a grade point average of 3.96, she likes to draw and paint pictures. Her favorite subject is Computer and after school she always helps her family to do housework. Her father is employed to work at a construction shop and he takes responsibility to produce bricks and delivery goods to customers. He receives 300 baht a day. Her mother works at preparation section at Regina Center and she receives 10,000 baht a month. Kanyanat’s family rent 5 rais of rice field for rice farming and they get about 60 sacks of rice a year for their family’s consumption throughout the year. Her parents has a loan with an illegal creditor that they borrowed to invest in rice farming as well as spending in their family. Kanyanat presently lives with her grandparents and her uncle in another village because her parents have to go around far from home selling goods and they have no time to take care of their children. Kanyanat’s grandparents are farmers, they rent 10 rais of rice field for rice farming and they get 100 sacks of rice and they share 30 sacks of rice as a rental to the owner of rice field. Her grandfather raises 4 cows and 10 buffaloes and her grandmother is employed to clean road in the community from 09.00am.-11.00am. for 5,000 baht a month. Her uncle is employed to repair vehicles at Jieng Nongkhai Shop for 7,500 baht a month.

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NAME: Jirapat

Gender: Male

DATE OF BIRTH: 11th September 2006

RELIGION: Buddhist

STUDY GRADE: 4th year Primary school



Jirapat presently studies in the fourth year of primary education. He is a lively boy. His favorite subject is Thai. He likes to play soccer and sing songs, he wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Her family does rice farming they do 5 rais of rice field and they get about 40 sacks of rice a year only because it is on a high land that causes less water for the rice field. They share 25 sacks of rice to sell in order to pay for fertilizer and they store they rest for their family’s consumption, anyways they have to buy more for their family if it is not enough. After rice farming his parents go to work at a construction site in Bangkok and they send 3,000 baht home a month. Jirapat and her younger sister therefore have to live with her great-grandmother who is old and she could not go to work she only looks after her grandchildren at home. She receives 700 baht a month from the elderly fund of the government. Jirapat’s younger sister presently studies in the second year of kindergarten education at the same school.

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NAME: Saranyu

Gender: Male

DATE OF BIRTH: 25th December 2007

RELIGION: Buddhist

STUDY GRADE: 3rd year Primary school



Saranyu presently studies in the third year of primary School. He likes to draw and paint picture, plays soccer and after school he does housework. His parents still has no house of their own they live with Sarayu’s grandparents at a single storey cement house that has two bed rooms with many members in the house. There are Sarayu’s grandparents, his uncle and his wife, his cousin, his parents, his younger sister and Sarayu himself. His grandfather and his father work at a construction site in the town of Nongkhai and each of them receive 280-300 baht a day. His mother, his grandmother and his aunt in law are employed to clean roads in the town of Nongkhai since 04.00-07.00 am. and they may go to work as casual workers such as weeding, digging etc. for their living. Sarayu’s uncle works as a driver delivery goods for 9,000 baht a month. His cousin is 4 years old, she presently studies in pre-kindergarten education and his younger sister is in the first year of kindergarten education.

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NAME: Chanin


DATE OF BIRTH: 15st May 2000

RELIGION: Buddhist

STUDY GRADE: 1st year high school (H.1)



Chanin’s father died in 2011 in case of cirrhosis, he therefore has to live with his grandmother alone. His mother took his younger sister with her to live in a province far from home and she works as a casual worker and she sends 1,000 – 2,000 baht a month home. His grandmother is old and she could not work hard she only receives 700 baht a month from the Elderly Fund of the government to pay the household expenditure. His grandmother is not well and her eyes could not see clearly so she always has to wear glasses. It was effected from being in an incubator when she was born. After school he helps his grandmother to do housework. On weekends and vacation he helps his relatives or his neighbor to sell clothes around a flea market for 200 baht a day in order to earn money for his food, anyway they are in trouble because of their income less than their expenditure.

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NAME: Chanwit


DATE OF BIRTH: 22nd October 1999

STUDY GRADE: 2nd year high school (H.2)



Chanwit’s parents separated since his father got pregnant to him and his mother got remarried in 2005. His mother and his step mother live with HIV/Aids and they take an anti-virus medicine often they therefore are in good health and they can be able to work well. His step father works as a gardener at the Friendship Garden and his salary is 6,000 baht. Chanwit is unable to hear well it was in case of ear inflammation as well as his mother so when they speak they have to speak loudly. His mother works at Hands of Hope Project and her salary is 5,000 baht. She goes to work by the project’s mini bus every day. The main income of the family comes from his step father and his mother. Both of his parents receive HIV/Aids Allowance for 1,000 baht a month altogether. Chanwit’s younger sister presently studies in the fourth year, her mother took anti-virus from mother to child and after she was born she has been checked HIV/Aids fourth times already and the result came out negative from HIV/Aids. Chanwit presently studies in the second year of high school at Namsuey Wittaya School, he goes to school by mini bus that charges 300 baht a month. He is talented in playing guitar and sing songs. After school he helps to do housework and he practices playing guitar.

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NAME: Supanuch

GENDER: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: 14th July 2006

RELIGION: Buddhist

STUDY GRADE: 4th year primary school (P.4)



Supanuch’s parents separated in 2016 while they were in Bangkok, her father has a new wife and since he moved to live in Ubonratchatani province he has never contacted home. Her mother works at a shop selling swimming suits at a department store in Bangkok for 9,000 baht a month and she sends 4,000 baht a month home. Her mother has to take responsibility to pay for house rental that is 2,000 baht a month. Supanuch and her younger brother live with their grandparents and their uncle. Her family do rice farming on 5 rais of rice field and they get 70 sacks of rice a year, it will be stored for their family throughout the year and they sell 30 sacks of rice in order to pay for the train ticket, fertilizer and wages. After rice farming her grandparents do gardening such as morning glory, lettuce for business. It is just enough to pay for the household expenditure. Her grandfather is not well in case of drinking alcohol and her grandmother gets sick with herniated disc pulpous and she needs to take medicine often. Her family has to take care of Supanuch’s uncle who gets sick with herniated disc pulpous and he has to use a cane walker. He earns by collecting garbage that could be recycle to sell. Supanuch’s younger brother studies in the 2ns year kindergarten. Supanuch studies in the 4th year primary school. She goes to school by school car and pay 500 baht per month. After school she helps her family to do house work. She wishes to be swimming’s teacher in the future.

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